Calling all aspiring heart-led authors!


I mentor female entrepreneurs, healers and coaches who want to share their life-changing message and create a positive difference in the world.


Your life could be described as a crazy roller-coaster journey. There have been times when you have questioned everything, not knowing if you would come out the other side.


You have dug deep and found hidden strength and courage. You know that there was a ‘message’ in the ‘mess’  and you feel compelled to share this in a powerful way to inspire others.


You know that you have a book in you. You may have started to write down your ideas, you may have a plan, but something has stopped you from taking this any further. Your life experiences may have stopped you from having the ability to trust in yourself and your decisions, but you know deep down that you need to share your message.


It might be not having the confidence, not feeling worthy, or not knowing where to begin in getting those ideas out of your head and into a manuscript.

Are you ready to step up, fulfil your purpose and make a difference to someone else’s life?


Are you ready to become a respected author?


  • You will find out how to write in such a powerful way that your readers feel that your book was written especially for them.

  • You will discover how to have the courage and confidence to ‘find your voice’ which will set your book apart from other authors.

  • You will learn how to manage your own emotional state so that you can remain determined, motivated and calm and hit your weekly word count (we’ll agree this together)

  • You will release any trapped emotions you are holding onto so that your book remains upbeat and and uplifting.

  • You will find out my proven technique of how to powerfully connect to your end goal which will help you to stay focused and on track, even when the going gets tough.

  • You will learn how to create the perfect emotional space which will allow your words to flow out with ease and eliminate writers block.

  • You will find out how to create the perfect physical space which will set the scene for a calm and enjoyable writing experience.

  • You will discover how to easily fit your writing into your day (even if you have a job, business or family to commitments!)

  • You will learn how to consistently remain focused and motivated, even if your initial enthusiasm fades and life challenges come up along the way.

  • You will discover a powerful technique to plan the outline of your chapters, as well as discovering your overall message and purpose of your book.

All of this will be broken down into bite-sized chunks as I like to keep things simple.



What will you receive?


  • You will receive my personal guidance and support as we work together for 12 weeks.

  • You will receive a 3 hour intensive call where we will connect you on a deep emotional level to your ideal reader and your purpose for writing your book. Will will also plan the outline for your book, which will be broken down so that you know exactly what to write so that your message and your purpose is not diluted.

  • You will receive 11 further 1 hour weekly mentoring calls for support and accountability. They will help to to break through any emotional brick walls that you encounter as a result of re-visiting your past memories. I will hold you in a safe safe so that these can be brought to the surface and released through your writing.

  • The first 30 minutes of our weekly call is for accountability and support.

  •  In second half of your session I will be sending divinely guided distance Reiki healing to you and your intentions for your book.

  • This is an invaluable part of your author and spiritual journey. This allows you to release and heal any emotions that come to the surface as a result of writing your book as well as enabling you to powerfully tap into your creative flow and invigorate your momentum – goodbye writers block!

  • You will receive a powerful, bespoke, author meditation that I will make especially for you. You will listen to this whilst I send your Reiki healing for rocket powered inner transformations! You will also listen to this once a day in between our calls before you begin your writing.

    Your bespoke meditation will include personal positive affirmations. Set to uplifting music this will inspire and motivate you to write daily and will quickly get you back on track if any self-doubt or wobbles set in.

  • You will have access to additional support between our calls in a closed Facebook group which will only have 2 members, you and me! (9am-5pm Monday – Friday)

  •  I have chosen to add a huge amount of support to my 1:1 programme as my soul purpose is to help you fulfil your soul purpose. I will be with you every step of the way.




*You will receive a call with Michelle Emerson on who is an expert in self-publishing! Michelle can answer your questions on self-publishing and the next steps to take once the first draft of your manuscript is complete.

*You will receive a signed copy of both of my books “The Girl Who Refused to Quit” & “Rule Your World”

By the end of the 12 weeks you will have a finished the first draft of your manuscript!*.


*Your results will depend on the effort that you put in. I will support you 100% but ultimately you will be taking responsibility to become an author.


Are you ready to release your past and inspire others to change their future?


I  only  work with 2 highly committed women each month.

My mission and soul purpose is to create a new generation of heart-led authors who collectively make a powerful difference to the world, will you be one of them?

Are you in the position to commit to investing time, energy and financial resources into premium-level support to create the results you desire?

Please contact me today on to apply for your aspiring author call.

I only work with 2 women each month to ensure I can give you my complete dedication. I want you to succeed and would love to work with you if you are serious about fulfilling your purpose in this world and want to make a difference to the lives of others.


Cassie x





I have just listened to the bespoke meditation for the first time. I know I can do this. I believe in what I’m working towards so much and every minute of that first meditation I felt myself smiling and tingling with positive energy. This is happening. I am an author!


Hi Cassie, I have just listened to the meditation for the first time. It is amazing. Feel so calm now and ready for the day ahead. I also have a smile on my face knowing that I can do this, and I have the support of this group. For too long I have doubted myself but now I can share my world!