Hi, I’m Cassie…


I am also known as “The Memoir Mentor”  as I specialise in supporting real women to share their real-life stories.


Having turned my own life around I now take great pride in helping other women to be who they were born to be.


There is a REAL need for REAL women to share REAL stories.


I can hand on heart tell you that by having the courage to write my memoir I have not only changed my life I have changed the lives of my children as well as some of my readers.


I am the author of “The Girl Who Refused to Quit” which shares the true story of my life with an uplifting and positive message of not allowing the ghosts from your past to steal the happiness from your future.


I have also published my second book “Rule Your World” This is a practical self-help book which shares my 7 “Rules” to increase your emotional resilience, raise your self-awareness and empower a calmer, more fulfilling way of living.



My books have received over 100 outstanding reviews on Amazon!


I am currently writing my third book, “Share Your World.”


This is a practical book for aspiring female authors who want a real life, step by step guide to writing a powerful life changing memoir.



My mission is to inspire a new generation of female authors who are ready to release their past, rewrite their future, and truly make a difference in the world.



Are you ready to step into your power and write the book you always dreamed of?


If you are serious about writing your memoir  send me a message or e-mail me on hello@cassiefarren.com  to apply for your 30 minute aspiring author call.