Speaking Testimonials


Cassie gave a fabulous motivational from the heart talk at my recent “An Appointment with Life” conference in Ayr. Sharing examples from her new book “The Girl Who Refused To Quit” she inspired the audience with her life lessons.

Senga Cree-Innovate Life Coaching

Cassie spoke at our Business Agenda networking event and delivered a highly personal and passionate talk. Several members of the audience were clearly moved by her message. Cassie holds nothing back and tells it like it is about her life experiences. See her if you can, book her if you are in a position to.

Alastair Campbell- Owner-The Ideal Marketing Company

Cassie spoke from the heart and with passion in her engaging talk on overcoming challenges and pushing forwards in life no matter what the odds.

Simon Gray –

Cassie’s talk was inspiring and had the audience on the edge of there seat. A truly wonderful evening, happy to recommend to anyone looking for a great speaker.

Adam Harris

Cassie was an inspiration to all that were in the room and showed to people that anything is possible if you put in the hard work.I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a guest speaker, trainer, mentor or coach.

Dan Miller -Managing Director at Young Professionals

Cassie has a natural and engaging delivery.I’d have no hesitation in recommending Cassie to speak about her journey at events, large or small, as I know from working with her for a while now that she has much to bring to the table.

Jamie Rae- Owner and Creative Director at Redscar

Cassie is so positive and really puts things into perspective. She is a fantastic motivational speaker, she had no prompts or notes, everything came from the heart and her passion for her business clearly shows through.

Emily Keal -Owner Online Toolbox

I could have listened to you speak for hours! It’s great to know how well you’ve been able to overcome so much.

Tracey Smith

Cassie is an inspirational speaker, her story is powerful and told with honesty. I remember looking around the room and noticing that she had captured everyone’s attention.

Danielle Kozlowska

Very inspirational, it shows that you can overcome adversity and create your destiny.

Kate Goodman

It was very refreshing to have my attention held at a talk and to feel the emotional connection to a real story.

Dr Carly Wilson

Your talk was AMAZING! I can’t believe you found the strength to keep pushing forward, you completely deserve to be where you are now.

Tracey Sharp

You are very brave to talk about your journey and the challenges you have faced and what you have learned. You are a very confident young lady, I wish you all the very best.


Very inspirational talk. I have just quit my job in order to build a career around my children. Thank you for giving me the confidence to continue.

David Sawford

Your personality and vulnerability came over in a professional way. You clearly connected with all the ladies in the room

Liz Allison

Truly inspirational, thank you for sharing your world.

Mick Judge

Very moving, easy to relate to and empowering”


Powerful and emotional talk, very brave

Pindy Chahal

Thank you for sharing how you’ve not only faced, but also conquered adversity – it was very inspiring

Father Oliver Coss


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