Cassie has been interviewed on BBC Radio Northampton eight times.

In her most recent interview she spoke about the success of her book “The Girl Who Refused To Quit”

Cassie Radio

Nottingham Paper

Cassie was featured in the Nottingham Post when she spoke at an event sharing her inspirational story of how she set up her business as a single mum with not much more than sheer determination.



Cassie initially set up her business specialising in helping women overcome low body confidence and was featured in Weight Watchers magazine. It shared some of her top tips on how their readers can feel good and increase their own Body Confidence.Weight Watchers 1




Cassie has spoken on the radio about setting up her Body Confidence business and promoted her Unstoppable Body Confidence workshops.


She was also asked to speak as a ‘Happiness Expert’ giving advice on how people don’t have to be defined by their circumstances and how they can take control of their lives.


Cassie was interviewed to celebrate her business being in the final at the National Networking Mummies UK Ltd awards.She was in the “Against all Odds category”

Cassie Radio


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Cassie has been featured in the Northants Evening Telegraph three times. The first time as a Motivational Expert where she explained the secret to her clients success was the personalised motivational meditations she makes for them.

The second article was when Cassie made it through to the final of the National Networking Mummies UK Ltd Awards.

The most recent article shares how Cassie has been working with her local Happiness Cafe, Johnny’s Happy Place’ where both of her books are on every table to help support the emotional well-being of their customers.


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