Hi, I’m Cassie…


I started my business 4 years ago after a tearful “crisis coaching call” I told my coach I’d ended my marriage , lost my house and had no idea what to do with my life.


She told me it was no wonder it hadn’t worked out working for anyone else,it was time to do this on my own now.


There was a silence…. then I laughed as that was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard…. she was suggesting that I should start a business !


I was a single mum, I had no money, no experience and no degree.


She told me to go away and start writing about what had happened in my life and that everything would become clear.


It was only 3 months after that call that I set up my business with nothing more than determination,hope and a Facebook page!



I am so proud of myself for what I have achieved;


*I have spoken on BBC radio 8 times


*I have been featured in a National magazine


*I have been been a finalist in an awards ceremony


*I have won an award for my website


*I  work as a professional speaker.


*I have published my first book.


*My book has received many outstanding reviews on Amazon as well as an endorsement from the legendary Kriss Akabusi – BOOM!


“Very good read it was too Cassie, loved how you learned lessons from each adversity” – Kriss Akabusi


*I am also the very proud owner of a Blue Peter badge!



 I want to inspire a new generation of empowerment.






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