Hi, I’m Cassie…


 …also known as “The Girl Who Refused to Quit” as when my life collapsed for the third time, two years ago, I could have been forgiven for giving up on everything. Instead, I have overcome every challenge life has thrown at me and have successfully turned adversity into triumph.

I am the author of “The Girl Who Refused to Quit” which shares the true story of my life with an uplifting and positive message of not allowing the ghosts from your past to steal the happiness from your future.

I have also recently published my second book “Rule Your World” This is a practical self-help book which shares my 7 “Rules” to increase your emotional resilience, raise your self-awareness and empower a calmer, more fulfilling way of living. Both of my books have received many outstanding reviews on Amazon. 


 I set up my business as a single parent with nothing more than a Facebook page, determination and hope. I wanted to make a positive difference by sharing how I have refused to be defined by my circumstances and grown in emotional resilience through my life experiences.


I have gone from being a cleaner with no confidence to an author, speaker and mentor. I am known for my very honest and real talks that influence the audience to take practical steps to increase their emotional resilience and regain the control in their head, and in their life.


I want to inspire others that no matter what challenges you face in your life, you can hold your head high and rule your world.