1:1 VIP Clients


*Have you had enough of emotionally beating yourself up?


*Do you want to put a stop to feeling  fed up and frustrated with yourself ?


*Are you done with feeling drained from pretending to the outside world that you’ve got all your shit together?


It’s time to end the self sabotage, denial and relentless frustration once and for all.



I can help you to change your negative thoughts, beliefs and ultimately your life when we work together on my 3 month VIP coaching programme.



My VIP programme is life changing, not only do you get access to all of my incredible unique empowerment tools you also receive my invaluable 1:1 support.



* I will be inviting you to meet me at the stunning Rushton Hall in Northamptonshire where we will spend a relaxing afternoon together whilst enjoying afternoon tea so that I can really get to know you and your goals.


*If you are unable to travel to meet me for afternoon tea I will arrange for a cream tea hamper to be delivered to your house and we can both enjoy the delicious treats whilst having a a ‘getting to know you’ Skype chat.


*After our introduction meeting you will receive 6 Skype calls with me (two each month, lasting 1 hour where you will have my undivided attention and support to help you with any area of your life, work or  business.We will identify the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping  stuck. By bringing these into your awareness we can take the next steps to release and transform them and your life, for good.


*You will receive 6, distance Reiki  sessions (two each month immediately after your coaching calls) which will help to clear the negative thoughts that we have identified that no longer serve you so that you can recharge  and re-align your mind with new, positive beliefs.


*You will receive a beautiful bespoke  meditation that I will personally  make for you which you will listen to whilst you are receiving your Reiki healing. This will include your personal goals and affirmations. My meditations are so powerful that after a short time of listening to this you will see and feel massive changes in all areas of your life. You will also commit to listen to your meditation daily for the duration of your programme (It is only 5 minutes so there are no excuses!)



Plus! An emergency SOS 30 minute call (If the unexpected hits the fan!)


Plus! I will send you a signed copy of my book The Girl Who Refused to Quit (So you know I’ve been there are got the T-shirt with self destruction!)


Plus! A special welcome gift will be sent to you in the post! (Who doesn’t love a surprise present!?)



*You will finally feel as happy on the inside as you have tried to appear on the outside.


 *You will gain a beautiful calm feeling of contentment and inner peace which will increase your confidence and emotional resilience.


*You can say goodbye to the demons in your head, the life long pity party and the self sabotage


*You can say hello to the happiness, inner power and contentment you have been longing for.


I only work with 2 VIPs each month to ensure I can fully commit my time and energy to you.


Don’t miss out, click the payment button below and book your place now!


Pay in full only £999.00!

Pay in 3 easy instalments of only £333.00!


I will e-mail you once your payment has been received to book our afternoon tea!


 Let’s do this!


Cassie x


If you have any questions you can call me on 07954 029032 or e-mail me at hello@www.cassiefarren.com